Unexpected Performances in Unconventional Places

AHA! Manhattan, the Arts & Humanities Association of Manhattan, is seeking an intern for the summer of 2016. The internship shall be 10‐12 weeks at 4 to 5 hours per week. A significant component of the internship will be public performance and interaction, with a particular emphasis on connecting with communities and populations unaware of arts and humanities opportunities in the area. In addition to performing the intern should also encourage participation. 

Some potential examples:

∙ Create sidewalk art and invite people to draw.

∙ Have a poetry reading at the splash park then have the children write their own poems.

∙ Lead spontaneous tours of historic Manhattan.

∙ Give musical performance with opportunities to participate or ask questions.

These are only examples. The intern is encouraged to think creatively of how they would engage community members in the arts or humanities. The intern may also do presentations for community groups and organizations.

The internship includes a $500 stipend with an additional $100 available for material reimbursement.

Duties include but are not limited to:

∙ The intern shall average 2 hours per week performing or presenting to the public. An aspect of this should include community participation or interaction.

∙ The internship shall average 2 hours per week developing their program, including making contacts within the community.

∙ Keep a log of time spent with descriptions of events and analysis of event success.

∙ Create procedures manual with community contacts.

∙ Have an awareness of and promote upcoming Aha! member events.

∙ Meet weekly with Aha! intern advisors.

∙ Attend monthly Aha! meetings when possible.

∙ Post regularly to social media.

Submit cover letter describing vision for outreach activity with resume and references toartsandhumanitiesmanhattan@gmail.com by February 1, 2016. Interviews will take place during the month of February with the successful candidate announced March 1, 2016